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Your Bakery & Deli

There’s really nothing quite like the aroma of freshly baked bread. It never fails to make the mouth water, even though we’re quite used to it here at Forage. Our bakers are in early every single morning, making sure the bread counter and deli are fully stocked with delicious fresh food.

Breads, Snacks, and Pastries

We take pride in our baking, and offer the perfect loaf or baguette, croissant or pain au chocolat, macaron or muffin. Alongside the bakery you’ll discover a world of freshly made food, ready to eat or heat. Enjoy our range of pastries, sausage rolls, bhajis & scotch eggs, alongside curry, pasta and salad dishes.
What do we do here? We take fresh, delicious ingredients and combine them in classic recipes. Good quality, honest, real food. That’s what we love, and that’s what we do.
Dana & Jordan Wain, Deli Chefs

Corporate Food

If you’re having a private event or business meeting and require delicious food options, look no further than our delicatessen. Choose from a selection of ready-made meals, pastries and sandwiches – with vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options you can be sure you’ve covered all the bases.

Our Menu