Supplier Spotlight

Sloemotion Distillery

It is there that the founder Joff Curtoys, a former ecologist, came about an abundance of sloes while improving a wildlife habitat. These sloes then became the foundation and the inspiration behind Sloemotion, which he used to create some of the best tasting gins to ever grace our Forage shelves.


Their ecological mindset is also still at the root of their ethos. With responsible distilling and traditional steeping, they minimize their impact on the planet as they go!


COOK have recently joined our Forage family with their huge range of handmade frozen goods. After working for his parents at a small bakery, Founder Ed opened a small shop in Surrey in 1997, and has since opened 90 across the country. The experience of the chefs he hired and their determination to never compromise on the quality of their food has lead to the national success of this amazing frozen food company.


Each starter, main and dessert that they produce is signed by the chef that handmade it, just the way you do at home. With this touch of personalisation, their authenticity shines through in their products. To try one of their delicious meals, visit us at Forage Food Hall for prepared meal you simply won’t be disappointed in!

Tapp’d Cocktails

Tapp’d Cocktails have been a Forage favourite amongst our team and our customers since we began to crave a real cocktail in lockdown. Family run and founded in Essex in 2019, they came along just in time to provide Forage Food Hall with their incredible range of ready-made, bottled cocktails. They have really taken the UK by storm, and their products have become some of our most popular.


With a vast knowledge of mixology, Tapp’d have managed to handcraft high quality cocktails using only the finest ingredients. Their drinks combine award-winning spirits, real fruit, and even ethically sourced coffee for those all-important espresso martinis. Each bottle is made exceptionally well and with the perfect pour every time, you simply can’t go wrong!